what you need to know when hiring home health care

In-Home Care For Aging Senior Citizens

The human body is expected to deteriorate as adults move into old age, which usually comes with the development of numerous health problems. For example, elderly adults are known for developing memory loss, weak bones, and difficulties managing vital tasks. Although there are senior living facilities that are designed for assisting the elderly in their final years of life, many elders would prefer living at home. If you believe your elderly parents need assistance but they refuse to go to a senior living facility, talk to them about hiring an in-home nurse. An in-home nurse will also give you the comfort of knowing that someone is available to assist your parents when you are unable to be there.

How Often Is an In-Home Care Nurse Around?

There are several options available for the services of an in-home nurse for your parents. They can visit your parents' home as often as nursing services are needed. The services can be provided without making your parents feel as though they are losing their independence or privacy. For example, a nurse could be scheduled to visit your parents weekly or several times per week, or there are live-in nurses available. However, the availability of a live-in nurse depends on which agency you contact for nursing services.

Is Assistance Provided for Personal Grooming?

An in-home care nurse can assist your parents with their daily grooming needs if it is necessary. For example, if your parents struggle to get in and out of the bathtub due to weak muscles and bones, a nurse can assist with the task. The nurse can step outside the bathroom after helping your parents into the bathtub, or They can assist with the entire bathing process. Grooming services also include assistance with brushing teeth, combing hair, and finding an outfit to wear. Other than grooming assistance, your parents can receive help with running errands, light yardwork, cleaning, and several other tasks.

Which Health Services Are Provided?

Your parents' health will be a priority during the in-home nurse care visits. Each visit will include your parents' vital statistics being taken to make sure no problems of concern are present. For example, blood pressure will be monitored because a decrease or increase could point to a health problem that needs prompt attention. If your parents are suffering from any diseases or disorders, special medical care can be provided to assist with those conditions. Rides to doctor's appointments and the pharmacy will be provided as well.

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what you need to know when hiring home health care

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