what you need to know when hiring home health care

3 Common Types Of Elderly Home Care Services

With limitless care options available for seniors, you may have difficulty getting the most suitable option for your loved ones. If you consider having them remain at home instead of staying at a senior facility, below are some of the top elderly home care services offered by senior care agencies.

Personal Care

Due to old age, some seniors may experience challenges carrying out activities of daily living. If you have a demanding job or other tasks that may hinder your ability to care for your loved one, consider getting a caregiver who can help provide personal care. Home care agencies have well-trained and experienced home caregivers who can assist in activities like grooming, eating, and mobility. Some home care agencies offer housekeeping services and transportation services. Your loved one can get help getting groceries, cleaning, and taking medication. Nutrition care can also be provided to seniors struggling with a proper diet plan. When searching for the ideal agency for your loved one, ensure that you confirm if the agency can tailor their home care services to your needs.

Home Health Care

Seniors with chronic illnesses require specialized care. If you have a loved one recovering from an injury or chronic diseases like Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, or dementia, it is important that you get a health care provider experienced in caring for such conditions. Home health care is one of the top elderly home care services offered by senior care agencies. Depending on the type of health condition your loved one is suffering from, the home care agency can provide a registered health care provider. The assigned health caregivers can help with administering medication, dressing wounds, and monitoring the overall health condition. Home health care can also cover rehabilitation services like physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

Companion Care

Emotional support is crucial across different age groups. It is important for every individual to get the reassurance that they are not alone. As your loved one ages, they'll need emotional and mental support. Caregivers can help provide companion care to your loved ones when you are away. With a less active social life, elders can at times feel lonely. Therefore, it is important to get a caregiver who they can rely on when they need someone to talk to. A caregiver can also help seniors engage in activities and hobbies that can help eliminate boredom. Identify the key services your loved one may require and seek a home care agency that will render the services to your expectations.

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what you need to know when hiring home health care

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