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5 Safety Features For Your Chair Lift

A chair lift is a great mobility tool that can allow you to safely go up and down the stairs, even if you have physical limitations. When it comes to shopping for a chair lift, there are some safety features that you need to ensure your device has.

Safety Feature #1: Seat Belt

The most basic and essential safety feature that your chair lift should have is a seat belt. A seat belt is a core safety device anytime you are in a seat that is moving. With a seat belt, the chance of the user falling out of the device is significantly reduced. Falling out of a chair lift can result in serious injury, which is why you should never purchase a device without a seat belt in place.

Safety Feature #2: Seat Lock

Next, you are going to want to look for a chair that has a seat lock. Ideally, you are going to want to purchase a device with an automatic seat lock. Basically, that means that you will be able to lock the seat in a specific position so that when it is moving up and down the stairs, the seat says in the same position and doesn't swirl around or move. This increases the safety of the individual using it.

Safety Feature #3: Seat Lock Switch

A seat lock switch is different than a seat lock. The switch is basically a safety feature that will not allow the device to move until the seat is locked. If the seat isn't locked, it will not move up and down. This is another level of safety that will keep the user safe.

Safety Feature #4: Footrest Bumper 

You want a footrest that has bumpers on the front and sides of it. These bumpers have sensors in them, which, when the sensors come into contact with something, will stop the chair from moving. So, if there is something in the way of the device, such as another person, child, pet, or just an object, the chair will stop moving in forward until that person, thing, or object is removed. This helps ensure that the device does not injure others and that it doesn't get hung up on anything.

Safety Feature #5: Pressure Activation Switch

With a pressure activation switch, the chair will only move if there is pressure on the chair. That means that the air is not just going to take off all on its own and go up the stairs. There has to be pressure on the chair for it to move.

Be sure that you look for a stair lift with features that will ensure the person using it is safe.

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