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Three Ways To Receive Your Physical Rehabilitation Services: Which One Works Best For You?

When you need physical rehabilitation after major surgery, it feels like a chore. But it does not have to be. Service delivery methods for physical therapy have come a long way. You now can receive your physical therapy in one of three ways. See if you can get your health insurance to cover the service delivery method of choice. The following are the three ways in which you can receive physical therapy.

In the Physical Therapist's Clinic

Whether the clinic is in a hospital or a stand-alone clinic, you can do what everyone else does for physical therapy, go to the clinic. This usually involves one extra person to drive you, especially if the therapy is for feet, legs, knees, or hips. Most health insurance plans will cover a few sessions in an actual clinic, which may be beneficial to you if you cannot afford to pay out of pocket. 

In a Nursing Home

Because some nursing homes exist to help elderly people heal from hip and knee surgery, they also contain their own physical therapy rooms and therapists. Some people in a similar position to you choose this option because they have a lot of stairs in their homes and cannot go up and down the steps to get to a bathroom, bedroom, or out the door and down more stairs. Additionally, you are right where you need to be when your scheduled times for therapy come up. All the nurses have to do is wheel you down to the therapy room when it is time to work with your therapist. 

At Home

Now you can receive physical therapy at home. A physical therapist can come to your home and deliver services that logically fit with your home's surroundings and how you would normally move about your home in a given day. The therapist brings mats and tables the first day to your house, and these mats and tables may remain there for your daily use. You (and any spouse or family members you have living with you) work on specific exercises on the days that the therapist does not visit. Depending on your personal therapy needs, the therapist may visit up to three or four times a week, slowly tapering off as you regain strength and mobility. Many insurance plans will not cover at-home therapy, which is why you need to check with your insurance company first before you choose this option. 

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what you need to know when hiring home health care

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