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3 Questions To Ask After A Loved One's Stroke

Following a stroke, there are several questions that a caretaker should ask of their loved one's doctor. After a stroke, your loved one will likely need to implement some lifestyle changes to help prevent another one. By knowing what he or she needs to do to recover, you can help to ensure your loved one lowers his or her risk of experiencing another stroke. To help you get started, here are a few questions:

Is Physical Therapy Necessary?

Physical therapy is not always a necessity following a stroke, but for some people it is. Whether your loved one depends on his or her progress and how the stroke has impacted his or her mobility. For instance, if your loved one is complaining of dizziness and having trouble with his or her balance, physical therapy can help.

It might also be necessary if your loved one is struggling with recreational activities, standing and walking for more than a few minutes, and difficulty with any movements. It should even be considered if your loved one is starting to depend more and more on you and other family members for help with completing daily living activities.

Are There Dietary Restrictions?

Having a stroke means an increased risk of having a heart attack or another stroke in the future. Since both events can be impacted by a person's diet, knowing whether your loved one has any dietary restrictions that he or she needs to follow in the future is important.

Following the stroke, his or her doctor will evaluate certain factors, such as your loved one's blood pressure and cholesterol levels to determine if there are restrictions that are needed. You can also work with a dietitian to create a dietary plan that will be beneficial to your loved one.

What Medications Are Needed?

It is likely that your loved one will have several medications prescribed to him or her after the stroke. Since you are a caretaker to him or her, you need to ensure that you understand what each medication does and the possible side effects that come with each.

In addition to this, you need to know what happens if he or she misses a dose. Do you give it to him or simply skip to the next dose?

Taking care of someone following a stroke can be a full-time challenge, but with your help, he or she can recover and come out of the experience in a more medically sound condition. Contact a company like Morano Rehabilitation for more information and assistance. 

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what you need to know when hiring home health care

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