what you need to know when hiring home health care

How To Lighten Your Load As You Care For Elderly Parents

Even though the blessings you derive from having your elderly parents living with you may be abundant, it's probably also true that their care might sometimes feel overwhelming to you. Here are some ideas that might help you as you care for them.

Take Time For Yourself - Saying that your own needs are important might be easy to say. It's sometimes hard to actually make time for yourself. Are you going to the doctor for your yearly physical check-ups? Are you taking care of important medical care like getting your own flu shot or your shingles vaccination? Consider actually making a list of essential personal care items that need to be scheduled, making appointments, and writing them on your calendar in red ink so that they'll stand out.

Besides your medical needs, think of the other things that you might be neglecting. Remember that enriching your own life will actually make you a better caregiver to your parents.

  • Are you making time for friends?
  • Have you pursued your own interests, like taking foreign language classes or learning how to paint?
  • Do you make time to go on dates?
  • Are you visiting places you enjoy like art galleries, museums, and other points of interest?

Build A Support System - Do you have older children who can help? Think about involving them by asking for help to drive your elderly parents to doctor's appointments and to other appointments. In addition, consider asking them to just come to your house to spend time with your parents so that you can leave the house for personal matters. If you have children still living at home, think of involving them in enjoyable activities with your parents. For example, doing puzzles, playing board games or simply watching old movies together will be a treat for your parents, and your kids will be making their own special memories.

Take Advantage Of In-Home Health Care - As you plan outings, whether they are for a morning a week or for time that you go on a trip, think about taking advantage of hiring professionals like Ivory House Health Services to take care of your parent's needs. Home health care workers are trained and have the experience to administer your parents' medications. They'll serve meals, following whatever regimen your parents require.  In addition, they will spend time doing what your parents enjoy. For example, if your parents enjoy taking walks, they'll have a companion who will keep them safe. Some home care workers are trained to do physical therapy, too.


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what you need to know when hiring home health care

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